Terrawits: Deconstructing Spaces

Hitesh Jain

Terrawits, a genesis from WITS Interactive, provides ideas for reinterpreting a space by deconstructing it to its constituent parts which further helps in creating a wholesome part that helps the brand’s DNA to infuse the larger whole. The experts’ team offers personified creative interior and architectural layout plans through visual language which identifies them as unique solutions providers. Hitesh Jain, Founder & CEO, WITS Interactive, in conversation with Nida Chikte, speaks about the concept behind terrawits and their scope of work.

Hitesh Jain
What made WITS Interactive come up with Terrawits?

In 2012, we approached DLF with a project proposal on wayfinding. Impressed with the effort we had put into the project, DLF offered us to take it forward and on its completion, expressed much appreciation for the brilliant outcome. This ignited a spark in us to tap into the vast field of spatial and environmental design. In 2013 as destined, Terrawits, a division of WITS Interactive was instituted.

What is Terrawits' idea behind deconstructing spaces?

When we set out to design a space, it’s clear to us that a mere use of colour and substance is not going to generate the desired outcome. A thorough research of the brand, the company, its culture and most importantly its people, is what helps us gain better insights on how a space needs to be represented. It is through this break down, and deconstruction of elements, that we are able to truly express the brand’s essence.

How does engaging the users in the visual language help a brand?

Creating a complete brand experience for the user is an inevitable part of Terrawits’ ethos. Without an experience, there cannot be a brand connect and without a brand connect, the user experience is lost. Thus, a brand’s atmosphere needs to be brought to life by communicating a clear cut message about its values and spirit. This visual engagement of the user in a space not only boosts the brand’s promise but also stirs up an emotional experience for the user to remember the brand by.

What are the various progenies of Terrawits? (services)

With our ever growing passion for design, we communicate a brand’s promise through multiple spatial design solutions such as:

  • • Interior & Exterior Design
  • • Environmental Design
  • • Wayfinding
  • • Phygital Experiences
Tell us about Terrawits' corporate social responsibility.

The terrawits team believes in using human and financial resources to help build a better society. We work hard to engage ourselves in various social projects that help build stronger, enabled communities not just monetarily but through active participation.

  • • “Go Green”
    With environment issues looming large, the terrawits team has incorporated practices that help keep the environment green. Globally, varied industries are responsible for significant carbon emissions. Therefore, we have adopted a series of best practices to help save our environment.
  • • “Shaping Individuals”
    We believe that children who are deprived from basic necessities should be given equal privileges as others.
  • • With this principle in mind, we took the initiative to take care of four girls and provide them with shelter, healthcare and proper education so that their future is brightened with successful prospects. The four girls are under the refuge of Project CRAYONS (Child Rehabilitation and Youth Oriented Nationwide Services).
About the Spokesperson:

A technopreneur and technical evangelist, Hitesh Jain is passionate about design and innovation. Driven by the essence of a distinct vision, Jain instituted WITS Interactive in 2003. He is the key architect for the initial structure of WITS Interactive’s projects and oversees all the teams. He leverages his extensive experience to generate ideas, offers support and articulates practical solutions for clients.

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